Oh Crab Burger - Chef Recipe by Truman Ng

Oh Crab Burger - Chef Recipe by Truman Ng


The Crab:

150 g soft shell crab

The Bun:

Squid ink or charcoal bun, (you can also use a normal milk bun or brioche).

The Frying Batter:

500 g potato starch
500 g flour
2 g soda powder
10 g salt
700 g water
20 g oil
Onion powder
Garlic powder

The Asian Slaw:

Green papaya, as desired
Carrot, as desired
Red carrot, as desired
Green oak lettuce, as desired
Japanese red radish pickle, as desired
200 g vinegar
50 g fish sauce
150 g sugar
Chilli, as desired
Pinch of salt
Cold water

The Wasabi Mayo Sauce:

50 g real wasabi paste/ wasabi powder
100 g mayonaise
15 g condense milk
20 g fresh lime juice
Lime zest, pinch


For the crab preparation, defrost in fridge 24 hours in advance. Clean the soft-shell crab (Please look this up online). Put back into the fridge (without cling wrap) wait for it to dehydrate for 2 hours.

For the frying batter, mix the batter well and let it rest for 30 minutes.

For the Asian slaw, Chop/grate the green papaya, carrot and red onion into small slices. Mix the vinegar, fish sauce, sugar, cut chilli, pinch of salt into cold water. Put the veggies into the marinade mixture for 30 minutes. Drain the marinade out.

To fry the crab, pour the oil into a deep pan and turn the heat to high until oil is boiling. Hold the crab by its belly and then gently lower into the oil. Release the crab and releasing it to swim in the oil with legs spread out in the oil. Make sure your pot is deep enough. Leave for 3 1/2 minutes.

To make the wasabi mayo sauce, mix the ingredients together, stir well.

Cut the bread buns of choice in half and spread the butter on both sides. Toast under grill until golden brown. To stack the burger, start with a bread base, add the crab, generous serve of slaw, sauce and a bread top.

Recipe provided by Kung Fu Burger

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