Mountain Pepper Panna Cotta, Orange Meringue, Peanut Butter Custard and Poached Rhubarb Sorbet - Chef Recipe by Jan Semmelhack.

Mountain Pepper Panna Cotta, Orange Meringue, Peanut Butter Custard and Poached Rhubarb Sorbet - Chef Recipe by Jan Semmelhack.


Panna cotta:

100g cream
2.5g gelatin powder
30g sugar
2g Tasmanian mountain pepper berries
150g cream

Orange meringue:

75g egg whites
75g sugar
16g orange zest, finely grated

Peanut butter custard:

75g dark roasted peanuts
125g soy milk
75g coconut cream
17.5g sugar
15g cornflour
1.5g salt
Dark roasted peanuts for plating

Poached rhubarb:

400g rhubarb
150g rhubarb liquor (see recipe below)

Rhubarb gel:

200g rhubarb liquor (see recipe below)

1.8g agar-agar

Rhubarb liquor:

500g chopped rhubarb
200g water
150g water
80g frozen raspberries
15g grated ginger
3 strips orange zest
3 strips lemon zest

Rhubarb sorbet:

250g rhubarb, chopped
75g water
65g sugar
10g frozen raspberries
2.5g ginger, finely grated
0.5g orange zest, finely grated
0.5g lemon zest, finely grated
1.6g locust bean gum


Panna cotta:

Soak gelatin powder in 100 grams cream for 15 minutes.

Blend pepper berries and sugar into fine powder. Add to 150 grams of cream and bring to a boil.

Slowly pour infused cream into the gelatin mix while blending with a stick blender until the gelatin has been dissolved.

Pour into 12 lightly greased cube silicone moulds and refrigerate.

Once set carefully pop out of the moulds.

Orange meringue:

Slowly whip egg whites and sugar until it forms stiff peaks.

Add orange zest and whip for one more minute.

Transfer to a piping bag with a 7mm round nozzle and pipe into long sticks.

Dehydrate at 55 C for 12 hours.

Break into 5cm sticks and use four per person.

Peanut butter custard:

Blend the peanuts into peanut butter.

Combine soy milk, coconut cream, sugar, cornflour and salt and blend with a stick blender until the cornflour has been dissolved.
Add the peanut butter and bring to a boil while constantly whisking.

Transfer to a bowl, cover by putting cling wrap directly on the surface of the hot custard and refrigerate.

Once cooled, blend until smooth and transfer into a piping bag.

Pipe 4 dots per plate, with half a roasted peanut on top of each dot.

Place one bigger dot per plate with 5 peanut halves on top to rest the rhubarb sorbet quenelle on.

Poached rhubarb:

Cut rhubarb into 18 sticks measuring 50mm x 8mm x 8mm. Use trimmings to make rhubarb liquor.

Vac pack rhubarb stick with 150g rhubarb liquor and cook sous vide at 60 C for 30 minutes.

Cool in ice water.

Strain and reduce the cooking liquid down to a quarter until it gets syrupy.

Vac pack the rhubarb sticks with the reduction.

Use three rhubarb sticks per person when plating.

Rhubarb gel:

Bring to a boil, let set and blend until smooth.

Transfer to a squeeze bottle.

Place 9 dots per person per plate.

Rhubarb liquor:

Vac pack everything and cook sous vide at 85 C for 4 hours.

Strain through a fine sieve and use for rhubarb gel and poached rhubarb.

Rhubarb sorbet:

Vac pack all ingredients and cook sous vide at 90 C for 1 hour.

Blend while hot, strain through a fine sieve and freeze in a paco jet beaker.

Pacotize until ready to use, plate one quenelle per person.

Recipe provided by Mimosa Wines Restaurant