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Main Street Spicy Buttermilk Chicken Burger

Main Street Spicy Buttermilk Chicken Burger


4 organic soft burger rolls or brioche style burger buns
2-3 free range, hormone-free chicken breasts
2 Tbs Cajun spice
1 Tbs salt
1 cup plain flour
250 ml buttermilk
1 jar free range egg mayonnaise (keep one spoon to the side for the slaw)
1 jar smoked Adobo chillies
1 tsp smoked paprika
Ground chilli flakes
1 Tbs confit garlic puree
1 Tbs white wine vinegar
Small bunch flat leaf parsley
1/2 red cabbage
1/2 white cabbage
2 small carrots
1 jar Mexican style pickled jalapenos
Cooking oil
Good quality craft beer


Remove any sinew or fat from the chicken breasts and slice into 1.5 cm strips, placing in a mixing bowl.

Combine Cajun spice, salt and buttermilk and whisk until spices are dissolved. Marinate the chicken, massaging the buttermilk into the flesh. Leave overnight for best result as salt and acidity from the marinade will help season and tenderise the flesh.

To make the smoked chilli mayo, take Adobo chillies, confit garlic, vinegar, paprika, chilli flakes and salt and blend into a smooth puree. Fold this into mayonnaise until it is a smooth, smoky pink colour.

To make the slaw, remove the core from the cabbages and slice as finely as possible. Peel carrots and grate finely, chop flat leaf parsley. Add 2 Tbs vinegar and a pinch of salt and massage the cabbage gently to allow it to break down a little. Add small spoon of plain mayonnaise and set aside.

Using a deep fryer or large pot, heat oil to 160 C. Press marinated chicken into plain flour and place chicken into the fryer, cooking until golden brown and cooked through, about 5-6 minutes. Once cooked rest for 1 minute.

Toast buns under the grill or in a non-stick pan, add pickled jalapenos to the base. Place fried chicken on bun and top with slaw, placing other bun on top as a lid and skewer to hold in place.

Serve with a craft beer.