Hervey Bay Scallops, Cucumber, Yoghurt, Avocado and  Ink Cracker

Hervey Bay Scallops, Cucumber, Yoghurt, Avocado and Ink Cracker


Yoghurt cucumber rolls:

200g Kenilworth yoghurt
2 sheets gelatin, bloomed (i.e. steeped in water and rested for 3 to 5 minutes)
Continental cucumber, compressed (i.e. squeezed gently in a clean kitchen cloth) for 4 minutes

Scallop sashimi:

Olive oil

Squid ink cracker:

Squid, cleaned
Squid ink
Tapioca flour

Dill oil:

1 bunch dill
1 bunch curly leaf parsley
250mL canola oil

Avocado puree:

2 avocados
30g yoghurt
30g Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp ascorbic acid


Yoghurt cucumber rolls:

Heat a small amount of the yoghurt and add gelatin. Add remaining yoghurt and chill over ice.

Cut compressed cucumber into 6cm lengths. Slice thinly (about 3mm - if too thick they will snap) and arrange the slices, overlapping slightly, on cling film to form a sheet of cucumber slices.

Place chilled yoghurt mixture in a piping bag with a 1cm nozzle. Pipe yoghurt onto sheet of compressed cucumber. Roll up the cling film to create a cylinder shape out of the cucumber and yoghurt, then tie off the cling film at the ends. Chill.

Compressed cucumber dice:

Peel, skin and finely dice cucumber and compress (i.e. squeeze gently in a clean tea towel or kitchen cloth) for 4 minutes.

Scallop sashimi:

Clean the scallops (do not use water) and pat dry with paper towels. Dice the scallops very finely and season with olive oil and salt.

Squid ink cracker:

Puree squid in a Thermomix or chilled food processor, then pass through a drum sieve. Add squid ink to colour black.

Weigh mixture and add an equal amount of tapioca flour; season. Pipe into a deep fryer and cook until crispy.

Dill oil:

Blanch dill and parsley, then refresh in an ice bath. Strain and dry thoroughly.

Roughly chop herbs and place into blender. Add just enough canola oil to blend freely and blend for 2 minutes, allow to sit for 5 minutes, than blend for another 2 minutes. Hang in muslin cloth and allow to strain through.

Avocado puree:

Blend avocados, yoghurt, Dijon and ascorbic acid. Place in a piping bag, pipe onto the plate and char with a blow torch.

Recipe provided by The Long Apron

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