Coconut Semifreddo with Rhubarb - Chef Recipe by Paolo Masciopinto

Coconut Semifreddo with Rhubarb - Chef Recipe by Paolo Masciopinto


400 g coconut puree (not milk or cream)
200 g cream
2 leaves of gelatine
150 g egg whites
Pinch of salt
4 sticks of rhubarb
150 g sugar
1 lemon
200 ml water
Mint to serve
Lemon sorbet to serve


Bring 100 g of cream to 80 C and add the bloomed gelatine. Add the rest of the cream to the gelatine mix. Whisk in the coconut puree, break egg whites and whisk into mix.

Fill up a syphon and use two charges to foam into rings, cover with cling wrap and freeze.

Meanwhile, prepare the rhubarb by cutting it into pieces 7 cm long. Put in a bowl with 150 g sugar and juice of a lemon. Let sit at room temperature for an hour and then add 200 ml water.

Cook on a medium heat until rhubarb is soft.

Place rhubarb on a plate and sit the semifreddo on top. Pour rhubarb juice onto plate and serve with a scoop and lemon sorbet, garnished with a little mint.

Recipe provided by Marameo

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