Char-grilled Salmon Belly - Chef Recipe Adam Dundas Taylor

Char-grilled Salmon Belly - Chef Recipe Adam Dundas Taylor


Serves 1 as a main and 3 as a canape

200g salmon belly, trimmed and cubed ready for skewering

Kale furikake:

22g mirin
22g caster sugar
44g soy sauce
20g dried kale
4 sheets nori
8g bonito
186g toasted sesame seeds

Miso caramel:

300g mirin
300g sake
150g palm sugar
300g miso paste

Ginger mayo:

25g fresh ginger juice
125g Kewpie mayo


Kale furikake:

Place nori and bonito into a food processor and blend to break down a little. Add dried kale and pulse again briefly. Add sesame seeds and mix by hand.

Place dry ingredients into a pot. Add wet ingredients and cook out while continuously stirring and scraping the mix off the bottom of the pot.

You need to cook out until the mix dried again.

Miso caramel:

Place mirin and sake in a pot to burn off the alcohol for 30 seconds.

Add sugar and bring back to the boil to dissolve, before adding miso.

Whisk in until well dissolved.

Ginger mayo:

Combine ingredients and set aside.


Skewer the salmon belly. Cook on an open barbeque or grill until just cooked. You still want some pinkness to the salmon.

Brush with miso caramel until well coated. Sprinkle on kale furikake.

Put mayo into a bottle to serve with salmon. Garnish with garlic flowers and pickled shallot ring

Recipe provided by Miss Moneypenny's Broadbeach

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