Buko Pandan - Chef Recipe by Christian Corpuz.

Buko Pandan - Chef Recipe by Christian Corpuz.


100g pandan and coconut Anglaise
1 quenelle coconut sorbet
1 round sheet of coconut jelly
50g cooked tapioca
50g young coconut
Lime zest

Pandan and coconut Anglaise:

50g coconut purée
50g coconut milk
15g egg yolk
0.25g pandan essence
50g fresh pandan leaf

Coconut sorbet:

1000mL water
200g sugar
60g tapioca
1000mL coconut milk
200g sugar
30mL coconut purée
100nL glucose

Coconut milk sheet:

480g coconut milk
50g ginger
20g lemon peel
4g agar
1.6g gellan


Pandan and coconut Anglaise:

Add the coconut purée and coconut milk to a pan and bring to the boil together with the fresh pandan, blend in a Vitamix then strain.

Place the egg yolks in a bowl and whisk in a splash of the hot coconut mixture to temper the eggs. Add the rest of the coconut mixture and whisk until fully combined.

Return to the coconut mixture to the pan and cook on a gentle heat to 85 C - the Anglaise should be thick enough to stand up in a little bubble on a cold plate. If the Anglaise is not sufficiently thick at this stage, whisk in a little Ultratex.

Remove the thickened Anglaise from the heat, add the pandan essence and refrigerate immediately until required.

Coconut sorbet:

Bring the water, sugar and tapioca to boil and then allow to simmer until tapioca is transparent.

Bring the coconut milk, sugar, coconut purée and glucose to boil.

Cling film and allow to cool.

Add the milk infusion to the tapioca mix and whisk together.

Pass and split the mix between 2 paco jet containers.


Coconut milk sheet:

Boil the coconut milk with ginger and lemon.

Let it infuse for 1 hour.

Pass it through a fine sieve.

Blend in agar and gellan.

Bring to a boil mixing with a whisk.

Pour on a tray and cool down in a fridge.

Assemble on a plate with Anglaise on the bottom, topped by sorbet and coconut milk sheet. Decorate as desired.

Recipe provided by Miss Mi

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