Blue Cheese Mousse - Chef Recipe by Tobin Kent

Blue Cheese Mousse - Chef Recipe by Tobin Kent


140g Tarwin River Blue cheese
280g organic milk
500g organic double cream
100g free-range egg whites
200g castor sugar
10g leaf gelatin, soaked in ice water


Combine the blue cheese with the milk in a Thermomix and blend on speed 5 at 70 C for 5 minutes. Strain the milk and chill over an ice bath until below 5 C. Combine with the cream and whisk until you achieve soft peaks. Place this mixture in the fridge.

Make an Italian meringue by placing the egg whites in an electric mixer and the sugar in a small saucepan with 1 tablespoon of water.

Heat the sugar to 115 C and then beat the egg whites on high speed. Continue to heat the sugar to 121 C, by this time you should have soft peaks in your egg whites. Steadily pour the hot sugar syrup into the beating egg whites without letting it hit the moving whisk. Instantly add the drained gelatin leaves and continue to beat for approximately 5 minutes or until the meringue slightly cools and thickens.

Add one-quarter of the blue cheese cream to the meringue in order to soften its texture. Mix the two together, then gently fold in the remaining cream in two batches. Taste your mousse. It will most likely benefit from a small pinch of pink salt to offset the sweetness.

We serve our mousse at Campbell Point House with candied pear chips, walnuts, honeycomb and a caramel sauce made.

Recipe provided by Campbell Point House Restaurant

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