Beef Tartare - Chef Recipe by Anthony Hales

Beef Tartare - Chef Recipe by Anthony Hales


1 egg

Desiree Chip:

200g roasted Desiree potato
200g water
5g salt

Lemon Gel:

150g lemon juice
75g water
4.5g agar
25g sugar

Fermented Mushrooms:

300g shiitake mushrooms
100g Portobello mushrooms
100g button mushrooms
12g salt


50g diced eye of rib-eye boneless
5g golden shallot brunoise
Portobello mushroom gills
1/2 63 C yolk
1 Tbs Fermented mushrooms
5 pieces woodland sorrel
Pinch salt
5g buckwheat koji



Place egg in pre-heated water bath at 63 C for 2 hours. Cool in ice.

Desiree Chip:

Combine potato and water and blend till paste. Sieve and dehydrate till crisp. Fry 180 C to order.

Lemon Gel:

Combine, melt and bring to simmer over low heat. Transfer to the fridge and chill. Once set, blend and sieve. Clarify using chamber vacuum machine.

Fermented Mushroom:

Dice all mushrooms and combine with salt, leave for 3 weeks.


Combine beef, buckwheat, onions and fermented mushrooms, then season with salt and ferment juice.

Put on a plate, make well in the beef to place half the egg yolk. Top with fermented juice from the mushrooms. Dot the lemon gel into the gaps of the beef. Cover the yolk with mushroom gills. Season with micro-planed fresh horseradish, add herbs and potato chip (glass).

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