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Angelina Jolie - Recipe By Mr Mista

Angelina Jolie - Recipe By Mr Mista


Small handful edible dried rose petals or similar, such as Mr Consistent Dried Cocktail Florals
45mL Lula white rum
15mL Pavan liqueur
45mL green plum juice
30mL brewed jasmine tea
10mL fresh lemon juice
Dash sugar syrup, plus extra to rim the glass
2 drops Grenadine


Use a pastry brush to wet half the outside of a coupe glass with a little sugar syrup then gently roll in the florals - the glass needs to be at room temperature for the florals to stick, then refrigerate until required.

Put all the remaining ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well.

Check for balance of flavours and adjust with sugar syrup or lemon juice if needed.

Using a fine strainer, strain into the prepared glass.

Recipe provided by Mr Mista