Joel F Bryant

Joel F Bryant


Mount Isa, QLD before moving to Ontario, Canada until I was 15. We moved back to Sydney, where I did my training. 


Carrying a world of experience with him into the kitchen of Seaduction Restaurant + Bar, Executive Chef Joel Bryant is changing up the menu with his unique style and talent. 

His experience closer to home spans from the revered Oskars on Burleigh to Songbirds Rainforest Retreat on Mt Tamborine, Hilton Surfers Paradise as well as Seascape Restaurant and Bar along the Surfers Paradise esplanade. He joins the team at Seaduction Restaurant + Bar with an appreciation for the quality and reputation of the current menu as well as the diversity of Peppers Soul. 

Expect ingredients that are fresh and in season as well as the occasional fermented vegetable and a culmination of skills and creativity that could only be acquired in establishments of excellence. 

Have you always wanted to be a Chef?

Yes, food has always been in the family from a young age. 

How would you define your style? 

I enjoy all styles of cuisine; I travel a lot of with family and enjoy trying different styles of cuisine in other countries, then I incorporate it into my cuisine. 

What is your feature flavour these days? 

I enjoy fermenting at the moment. 

Obsessive compulsive about? 

My knives not being used by other people, it frustrates me when people just grab them. 

Your greatest culinary inspirations/influences: 

Paul Merrony, a Chef from Sydney. Nigel Farrey, a Chef I worked with for a few years whom I really looked up to and wanted to run kitchens like he did; calm, clean and with respect. 

What do you love about this business? 

The creativity and trust given by patrons. 

An ingredient you can’t live without? 

Maple syrup.