Jean-Francois Enconniere
Jean-Francois Enconniere

Jean-Francois Enconniere

Born: Bergerac, France

History: I was born on the 3rd of December 1950 in Bergerac, France, where I attended the local school and worked during the school holidays at the local Patisserie for pocket money. The owner of the Patisserie, Jean Pagnac, was a great man, like a father to me, and constantly encouraged me to stay on as an apprentice.

After my third year as an apprentice, Jean sent me to Holland and Paris where I continued to work, training other apprentices. I then decided to move to Australia, where I began working as a chef at the l’Alouette Restaurant, the Lamplighter, La Chaumiere, and the Bullfrog Restaurant in Victoria.

In 1975, I opened my first restaurant, le Café De Paris, located in Melbourne, where I stayed for the next nine years. After meeting my lovely wife, Ramona, I opened the Bergerac Restaurant (named after my home town in France) in King Street, Melbourne. After twenty four years, I am still here. Bergerac serves unpretentious traditional French cuisine, made from good quality products and prepared with love.

My wife and I have two beautiful children and have travelled extensively across Europe over the years. As the President of the Academie Culinaire De France for ten years, I travelled to France almost every year, trying many Michelin star restaurants. I must say that my greatest inspiration was Jean Pagnac my apprenticeship boss, who taught me everything I know about cooking and cake making.

Lunch at Bergerac restaurant is always of good value at $28.00 for a two course meal. Guests of the Kingsgate Hotel nextdoor can enjoy a glass of wine with a two course dinner for only $35.00. Every year, Bergerac celebrates Bastille day with a set menu, French musicians and the famous Can Can dancing girls. Bergerac regularly hosts theme nights, which are always a lot of fun.

Bon appétit!

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