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Adam Pieklarz

Adam Pieklarz

I love bold, contrasting flavors, textures and colors and believe food should look as good as it tastes.
My Cooking Style:

I cook primarily from a Sydneysider's point of view, with a European influence. My food is creative, surprising, seasonal, beautiful andcomforting. I love bold, contrasting flavors, textures and colors and believe food should look as good as it tastes. Living here, I am surrounded by Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian and Baltic ingredients to name just a few! It is impossible to be immune to such myriad culinary diversity and all of those wonderful flavors definitely influence my approach to food. I am always pushing myself beyond my comfort zone in and out of the kitchen to be a better person and a better chef.

My Culinary Experience:

Originally from Poland, my culinary experience began there - at home. I would regularly help my mother (a nurse who works varying shifts) by
preparing food for the family. I realised I had a knack for flavour balancing, having made lots of stews, cabbage rolls, dumplings, soups, etc. I later
completed my gastranomic studies in Poland and hit the road, traveling and cooking throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. My memories of
scrubbing mussels, pounding veal cutlets, washing endless dishes and mopping the floors are very vivid. I found my home in Sydney where I
eventually headed up a popular Darlinghurst Bar/Bistro. This was a challenging time - where I had to improve my English quick smart! To this
day, I recall the head chef who took me under his wing and taught me how to identify (in English) an Eggplant "It's called an Eggplant, idiot!" A real sweetheart.  

He ignited my passion for the variety of quality local produce, seafood, meats and cheeses, that we are so lucky to have access to here. A few years ago, I found my home at Breakfast Point and have been working locally ever since. I love the feeling of community in the area, I also have a passion for fishing - so will head out on my boat of an evening to see what I can catch (when time allows!)

I have cooked for all kinds of people locally, I enjoy the intimacy and creative freedom of cooking for smaller parties but also get a real buzz from seeing a restaurant full of happy people. My current gig is our little bistro - the BACKYARD, tucked away inside Concord’s friendliest local - Briars Sporting Club. It’s a busy little place! We have gone for family style meals to help create a relaxed and convivial atmosphere where guests can take their time and enjoy each others company - along with good food and drinks. With everyone at the table talking and involved in the meal. Isn't that what a good dinner is all about.

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