Vanilla and Raspberry Valentine Hearts - Chef Recipe by Meyjitte Boughenout

Vanilla and Raspberry Valentine Hearts - Chef Recipe by Meyjitte Boughenout


250g frozen or fresh berries
100g sugar
100g water
4g agar
10mL Chambord
1 tub French Vanilla best quality ice cream
12 large fresh raspberries
10mL old balsamic vinegar
0.5g agar


Bring balsamic vinegar and agar to the boil, set aside in the fridge. Once cold, mix with hand blender until you obtain a smooth paste,
put paste into a piping bag and fill each raspberry with the mix. Set aside in the fridge.

To make coulis:

Place 250g frozen or fresh berries, 100g sugar and 100g water into a pot and bring to the boil for 2 minutes. Blend through a mixer and pass through a chinois, ready for use.

Bring raspberry coulis and agar to boil in a pot. Set in the fridge in a tray 20cm x 10cm. Once cold, cut into four heart shapes.

To plate:

On a transparent cold plate, place heart in the middle, add a quenelle of ice cream and place three filled raspberries on top.

Just wait for the magic to happen… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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