The Open Avocado - Chef Recipe by Ankur Chhabra

The Open Avocado - Chef Recipe by Ankur Chhabra


4 ripe avocadoes
200g Danish feta
8 thick slices sourdough bread
20mL olive oil
20mL fresh lemon juice
Balsamic glaze to garnish
Pinch fried shallots
Pinch salt
Pinch cracked pepper
100mL white vinegar
Butter, optional
8 whole eggs
Micro herbs and sorrel for garnish


Fill a medium saucepan with hot water and white vinegar; heat until just before simmering (small slow bubbling).

Spread butter on sourdough bread and toast.

Halve avocado and scoop into small stainless-steel bowl.

Add olive oil, lemon juice, half the feta, salt and pepper to avocado to taste.

Once water is ready, stir the pot gently then crack both eggs into the pot and poach for 3 minutes.

While poaching, add smashed avocado mix to the toast and top with rest of the feta.

Strain the eggs onto a separate plate, lined with paper towel or Chux cloth.

Place one egg on each piece of toast, then garnish with balsamic glaze, fried shallots and micro herbs.

Note: for a picnic, pack each element separately and put together on your picnic rug – eggs can be served cold.

Recipe provided by Pebbles Restaurant

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