The Currant Shed Sourdough Bread and Whipped Butter

The Currant Shed Sourdough Bread and Whipped Butter


170g baking flour
34g rye flour
5g salt
130mL water
25g Mother/starter
2.2g yeast

Whipped butter:

250g unsalted butter
20mL olive oil
Seasoning if desired


What is a Mother?

It is a bread starter made from a simple mixture of wild yeast, wholegrain flour and water. The quality of each element is essential to the end result. The Currant Shed uses a mother that is 6 years old. Please also note that every Mother is different – they are each unique, based on the ingredients used, hence bread made from different Mothers will vary in flavour.

Whipped butter:

Allow butter to soften and come to room temperature.

Place in a bowl, or mixer and whisk until white.

Add olive oil and seasoning if desired, mix well.

Shape as desired and refrigerate until required.

Serve with freshly baked sourdough bread and sea salt.


Place all wet ingredients in a bowl, or a mixer using the dough paddle.

Add all dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. If making by hand, make sure all ingredients are combined well, then place on bench and knead for 3 minutes.

Set aside and allow to proof at room temperature for 2 hours.

Weigh the bread dough into 75g balls and shape as desired, before placing onto a baking tray.

Allow to proof again for at least 45 minutes at room temperature, or until balls have doubled in size.

If desired, an egg wash can be used and a sprinkle of seeds of your choice can be added. Alternatively, flour can be dusted over the loaves.

Score each loaf and bake in a pre-heated oven at 220 C for 12 minutes.

Note: if you choose to make larger loaves, cooking time will vary. Start at 220 C for 12 minutes, then lower to 180 C until cooked.

Serve warm with whipped butter and a sprinkling of smoked grenache salt.

Recipe provided by The Currant Shed