Spirited Rocky Road - Chef Recipe by Shawn Sheather

Spirited Rocky Road - Chef Recipe by Shawn Sheather


Chocolate Ganache:

200g 70% dark chocolate, chopped
1/2 cup light cream
7 drops of The Australian Bitters Company's Barrel Spice Bitters

Liquid Mix:

6 generous scoops of vanilla bean ice cream
500mL of milk
6 shots of bourbon
3/4 of the chocolate ganache


1 can of whipped cream
150g traditional rose flavoured Turkish delight
500g mini marshmallows
20g salted nuts
20g toasted coconut
30g cold dark chocolate
6 glazed cherries

1 generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream per glass


Prepare chocolate ganache:

Melt chocolate in a double boiler or bain marie, once melted add cream, the Australian Bitters Company's Barrel Spice Bitters and stir.

Note: it should be in a liquid state for easy use, 1/4 for glass garnish, 3/4 for the liquid mix.

Turkish delight:

Store bought is okay. Cut into small cubes, roll in the dust from its package and place in the fridge to chill.

Salted nuts:

Store bought are okay.

Glazed cherries:

For presentation, try to keep the stem intact.


Place coconut in a saucepan and toast till 35% is slightly coloured, turn it onto a cool plate to stop the cooking process.

Ice cream:

Use 1 scoop to go into each glass,

Liquid mix:

Add the chocolate ganache, ice cream, milk and bourbon into a food processor and combine till thick.

Find a nice sized open top glass, pour in a little chocolate ganache and roll the glass to give it a nice drizzled chocolate look. Add one ice cream scoop to the glass,

Pour in enough of the liquid mix to almost fill the glass, garnish the liquid with whipped cream, sprinkle with Turkish delight, mini marshmallows, salted nuts, toasted coconut and a little leftover chocolate block, shaved on top.

Place a glazed cherry on top for garnish.

Credits: AGFG Resident Chef Shawn Sheather

Photo Credits: Kirsten Kruck