Semi-cooked Salmon, Petit Vegetables & Honey Lime Emulsion

Semi-cooked Salmon, Petit Vegetables & Honey Lime Emulsion


200g salmon fillet, skin on
100g black eggplant
75g green zucchini
50g roma tomato
6 young green basil
1 lime
30g kalamata olives
0.06 bunch lemon thyme
35ml olive oil
25g garlic
3g honey


1. Prepare salmon fillets by cutting into 100g portions.

2. Melt down honey and add lime juice.

3. Halve eggplant and cut each half into quarters. Pan fry each eggplant boat on both sides.

4. Cut zucchini and tomatoes into discs.

5. Make a tapenade from olives, thyme, garlic, olive oil and seasoning.

6. Seal salmon portion on one side only (skin side down) until half cooked (approx 6 minutes).


Make three diagonal cuts in each eggplant boat and place a zucchini and tomato disc inside each cut. Place eggplant boat in a roasting tray, season and warm up in the oven.

On the left side of the plate, place the salmon fillet. Brush the salmon with a bit of honey lime and top with a slice of caramelised lime.

On the right side of the plate, perpendicular to the salmon, rest the eggplant boat against the salmon. Garnished the eggplant with baby basil leaves.

Drizzle more honey lime around the plate and finish with a quenelle of tapenade.

Recipe provided by Zigi's Wine Bar

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