Rump Cap on the Skewer - Braza's Signature Skewer
Rump Cap on the Skewer - Braza's Signature Skewer

Rump Cap on the Skewer - Braza's Signature Skewer


"This is BRAZA's signature skewer. It has become a classic dish. Rump Cap is the best piece of meat to cook on a skewer using a rotisserie barbeque. Trust us on this one, follow every step of the recipe and you will remember this meal for the rest of your life!" ~ Braza Churrascaria.

3 lb 5 oz (1.5 kg) Rump Cap
Rock Salt


Trim any excess skin that’s located on the side of the rump cap. Make sure you do not trim the fat.

Slice the rump cap into three pieces. When skewering, fold it, leaving the fat on the outside. You will need to squeeze the meat a little so it holds firmly onto the skewer. Sprinkle the rock salt all over the meat.

If you have a rotisserie grill, let the meat turn until you can start slicing it. Otherwise, place it on the barbeque grill, over medium heat, with the fat side down.

Once the fat starts to catch on fire, start turning it until all sides are completely seared.

When cooked the way you like it, slice it thinly. Then add more salt and place it back on the barbeque grill or rotisserie. Then slice it again and keep repeating the process. (This is how it’s traditionally done in all Brazilian Churrascarias.)

Recipe provided by Braza Churrascaria - Darling Harbour

Photo Credits: Braza by Andre Felicio

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