Mixed Seafood Classic Butter Curry by The Spice Tailor

Mixed Seafood Classic Butter Curry by The Spice Tailor


1 packet The Spice Tailor Classic Butter Chicken
1 Tbs olive oil
1/2 small fennel, thinly sliced
200 g raw seafood mix
2 large handfuls of baby spinach, well washed
100 mL fish stock (optional)
Salt and freshly ground pepper for seasoning


Heat the oil on a medium sized non-stick saucepan. Add the spices from the spice pouch, adding the extra chilli if you like some heat. Cook for 10 seconds and follow with the sliced fennel. Cook gently for a few minutes or until just softening.

Add the two sauce pouches along with a small splash of water or the stock and bring to a boil. Add the seafood and spinach and cook for a few minutes, shaking the pan rather than stirring, until the seafood is cooked through. Taste, adjust seasoning and serve hot.


Go Mediterranean: make a quick rouille with a little grated raw garlic, some chilli powder, some saffron infused in hot water until it has imparted its colour and quality mayonnaise. Eat with crusty sliced baguette for a spicy take on Bouillabaise.

Ring the changes: you can make this dish with just one type of fish. Try it with prawns and replace the fennel with diced green pepper for a different flavour, finish with lots of fresh coriander.

Credits: The Spice Tailor

Photo Credits: The Spice Tailor