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Mixed Meat Grill
Mixed Meat Grill

Mixed Meat Grill


2 T-bone steaks, about 150g (5 oz) each
2 fillet steaks (quite thick), about 150g each
8 lamb cutlets
1 garlic bulb, cloves separated, left unpeeled
6 sprigs rosemary
1 small bunch thyme
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp sherry vinegar
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper


Put the steaks and the cutlets in a snug-fitting non-metallic dish. Add all the other ingredients and toss everything together so the herbs and garlic are evenly distributed over, under and between the pieces of meat. Cover and refrigerate overnight, tossing a few times.

Remove the plate of meat from the fridge 1 hour before you begin cooking.

Preheat the barbecue hotplate and grill to high. Now you will need a timer or some sort of stopwatch to make things easier here. All the meat is cooked medium-rare.

Put the fillets on the hotplate with some of the garlic and herbs strewn about the meat and cook for 2 minutes, pressing down occasionally with a flat metal spatula but without moving or turning. When the fillet steaks have been cooking for 2 minutes, put the T-bones on the grill, again with some of the garlic and herbs, and cook both for another 4 minutes. Turn both the fillet and T-bone steaks over.

Cook for another 4 minutes, then remove the T-bone steaks to a heatproof plate, covered with foil. Cook the fillet steaks for another 2 minutes then put these too with the T-bones and cover. Cook the cutlets for 3 minutes on the grill then turn over and cook for another 2 minutes and add to the other meat.

Turn the barbecue off and set the plate of meat, covered with foil, on the lid of the barbecue to rest for 10 minutes.

Serve the mixed grilled meats with an arrangement of sauces and condiments on the side.

Credits: King of the Grill by Ross Dobson (Murdoch Books) $39.99 available now

Photo Credits: King of the Grill by Ross Dobson (Murdoch Books) $39.99 available now