McLean’s Run Christmas Eggnog

McLean’s Run Christmas Eggnog


Don't make the mistake of making this too early in the morning and tasting it continuously; it's pretty boozy, but delicious.

6 McLean's Run Open Range eggs
1 cup sugar (try dark brown for a more distinct taste)
½ tsp vanilla (preferably Madagascan Organic Vanilla extract)
Pinch of cinnamon
1 cardamon pod, crushed
2 cups full cream milk
2 cups thick cream
¾ cup of Brandy
1/3 cup dark rum


Chill everything first.

Beat the eggs until they get frothy then beat in sugar, vanilla and all spices. Stir in brandy and rum. Slowly stir in the milk then the cream.

Serve with grated nutmeg on top and over crushed ice. (It is Christmas in Australia, after all!)

Recipe by Rebecca Sullivan. Recipe and photo courtesy of McLean's Run, Australian open range egg farmers since 1959. For more information, go to

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