Breakfast Virgin Mary

Breakfast Virgin Mary


Celery salt
Small wedge lime
Small wedge lemon
150mL tomato juice
30mL Bertolli organic extra virgin olive oil fruity taste
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes tabasco sauce
Freshly cracked black pepper
Sweet ground paprika

To Garnish:

Quail egg
1 slice streaky bacon, cut into quarters and fried
Celery leaf


Run the lime around the rim of a tall glass. Dip rim in celery salt. Fill the glass with ice and set aside while you prepare the drink.

In a cocktail shaker combine juice from lime and lemon wedges, tomato juice, Bertolli organic extra virgin olive oil fruity taste, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and a pinch each of celery salt, black pepper and paprika. Add 6 ice cubes, put the lid on tightly and shake well.

Pour into the prepared glass. Skewer the quail egg and bacon strips and use to garnish the drink with celery leaf.

Credits: Bertolli Olive Oil

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