Fish Gnocchi - Chef Recipe by Massimo Speroni
Fish Gnocchi - Chef Recipe by Massimo Speroni

Fish Gnocchi - Chef Recipe by Massimo Speroni


250g white fish (cod or kingfish preferred)
80g pure cream
80g egg whites
40g squid ink
1/4 bunch mint
2 squash
20g pine nuts
100mL milk
50g Pecorino Romano cheese
4g soy lecithin
2 medium calamari
Extra virgin olive oil



Blend fish, pure cream, egg whites and squid ink and sift the mixture through a fine strainer to remove any lumps. Place in a sac à poche and let it rest in the fridge.

Pick the mint leaves, blanch for 1 minute in boiling water and then place under ice cold water. Dry leaves and blend in a processor with extra virgin olive oil. Toast pine nuts for 10 minutes at 160 C in oven. Let cool and chop roughly.

Pecorino Romano Foam:

Mix 100g milk, 100mL water and 50g of Pecorino. Reheat at 60 C for 30 minutes. Sift mixture through a fine strainer and add soy lecithin.


Clean and peel the calamari by separating head from body. Wash and slice legs into pieces.

Wash the squash, cut off the green part and slice into 8 parts.

To Cook:

Use your sac à poche to pour your gnocchi directly into 80 C simmering water. Use a sharp knife to cut the gnocchi as it squeezes out.

In the meantime cook your squash and calamari in a separate pan.

Let the gnocchi cook for 1 minute, or until it floats to the surface, plate everything and add dots of puree mint on the top. Sprinkle with pine nuts. Mix the previously reheated 60 C Pecorino Romano Foam with a stick blender and dollop on top.

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