400ml double cream
5 tbsp porridge oats
2 tbsp whisky
2 tbsp honey
450g raspberries
Sprinkle caster sugar, if desired


Scatter oatmeal on a baking tray. Toast under a hot grill for a couple of minutes until they smell warm and nutty (be careful not to burn them). Set aside to cool.

Set aside a few raspberries for garnish. Of the remaining raspberries, crush half with a fork to make a puree (sweeten with a little caster sugar if desired) then mix in the other half whole.

Whip cream with honey and whisky until soft peaks form. Then, just before serving, fold in toasted oatmeal.

Spoon cream mixture into dessert glasses, alternating between layers of whole and pureed raspberries. Finish with a layer of cream and garnish with whole raspberries and a sparkling of toasted oats. Serve slightly chilled.

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