Beef Tartare
Beef Tartare
Beef Tartare
Beef Tartare

Beef Tartare


80g of hanger steak 5mm dice
10g of capers whole
10g of cornichon brunoise (finely diced)
10g of red onion brunoise (finely diced)
5-8 Italian parsley leaves finely chopped
Lemon zest to taste
Brandy to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
1 egg yolk
Caper mayonnaise
Truffled potato crisps


Place the diced beef, capers, cornichon brunoise, red onion brunoise, chopped parsley, lemon zest, brandy, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix until all the ingredients are evenly distributed.

Place into a serving dish, finish with a whole egg yolk, caper mayonnaise and truffled potato crisps.

Recipe provided by Geronimo Aperitivo Bar and Restaurant

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