Bay Leaf Tea - Chef Recipe by Paul Carmichael

Bay Leaf Tea - Chef Recipe by Paul Carmichael


"This is a tea inspired by a sweet tea my mum would make us for breakfast time. Because of her I have grown very fond of bay leaves." - Paul Carmichael.

7 kg snapper bones, cleaned
1.5 kg brown onions
750 g fennel
500 g celery
40 g kombu
40 g garlic
15 g white pepper corn
11 g coriander seed
5 g thyme
10 g kaffir lime leaf
100 g fresh bay leaf
12 L water


Cover bones with water, vegetables and kombu. Bring to the oil, add the remainder of ingredients and simmer for one hour.

Strain and freeze in trays. Defrost through cheese cloth.

Reduce with fresh bay leaves until desired flavour is reached. Season with salt.

Finish the dish with bay leaf oil and serve with charred crackers, butter and caviar.

Recipe provided by Momofuku Seiobo

Photo Credits: Momofuku Seiobo

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