ABC Dessert

ABC Dessert


1/4 cup corn
1/2 cup red bean
500g grass jelly cut into cubes
8 cups shaved ice
1/3 cup Gula Melaka (palm sugar)
1/3 cup rose sugar syrup
1/2 cup Carnation milk
1/2 cup condensed milk
1/2 cup blanched peanuts
1/2 cup sultanas
12 lychees
4 scoops vanilla ice cream


Add grass jelly, corn and red bean in a bowl, mix and place in four separate serving bowls.

Shave ice into a desired mould shape. Then place ice on top of the fillings.

Drizzle with Gula Melaka (palm sugar), rose sugar syrup and mixed milk (condensed milk and carnation milk).

Garnish with skinless peanuts and sultanas. For a more filling dessert, add a scoop of ice cream and some lychees.

Credits: PappaRich

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