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About Wild Forage Australia

Wild Forage Australia aims to share a philosophy of connecting Chefs and restaurateurs with the landscape through wild, foraged edibles. Established by Chef, Nick Blake in April 2016, this boutique business supplies restaurants and cafés from the Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay with produce sourced from the surrounding land and seascape. Nick doesn’t see food as free, but as a gift from nature that can be accessed ethically with respect and admiration. From sea lettuce to watercress and wild nasturtiums, Nick is taking cooking back to its roots with ingredients solely from nature. He plans to open his own restaurant creating a unique menu based on his foraging knowledge, meanwhile he provides a weekly distribution service of produce from herbs to berries through wholesaler Suncoast Fresh.

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Commercial Forager to Suncoast Fresh supplying the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. COD, Catering and Private foraging requests also available, please inquire directly.

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Passion & Commitment to a Sustainable Future
Wild Forage Australia is unlocking a whole new range of flavours using unique wild ingredients from south east Queensland, which most people don't even know exist. Nick's passion and understanding of flavour, coupled with a knowledge of how to ethically & sustainably forage native produce, is putting the business on the cutting edge and inspiring chefs across the country. Here at Suncoast Fresh we can't wait to see what exciting new ingredients he brings to the table next.


Innovative produce with an environmental conscience
Great to see innovative businesses like Wild Forage Australia giving Sunshine Coast chefs access to the wild foods that had previously been overlooked or inaccessible. Nick's knowledge is incredible; he can tell you everything about every wild food morsel that he forages and takes pride and care in not only the quality, but the sustainability of of his produce. Look forward to seeing what every new season brings.


World Class Produce
Wild Forage Australia have been supplying me with foraged produce for the past 12 months. Nick's love of what he does is evident by his attention to detail and the consistency of his product, and by his enthusiasm for discovering new and exciting plants for us chefs to play with. It's always a pleasure getting a delivery from these guys, opening punnets and trying new things each week. This business adds a whole new dimension to the food scene on the Sunshine Coast.