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Top 100 Activities in Australia

Top 100 Activities in Australia

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About Northern Territory

About Northern Territory (NT)

An uncompromising grandeur quite unlike any other region on earth pervades the Northern Territory. Covering one sixth of the continent - only Queensland and Western Australia are larger - the various landscapes of the Territory all confer a sense of vastness and solitude. Two main areas are usually distinguished: the Centre and the Top End.

The Centre around Alice Springs with its silent deserts and haunting mountain ranges still draws the most visitors. The Alice is probably as well known abroad as any Australian town and has a truly unique flavour, which is attributed to its colourful inhabitants. Three hours from 'the Alice' you'll find yourself at one of Australia's best known icons: Uluru (Ayers Rock). The land around the centre is vast and ancient, compelling even the busiest traveller to pause and check life's priorities.

The Top End encompasses the tropical north coast, a heavily wooded monsoon region with mangroves, palms and many species of South Seas vegetation not found elsewhere in Australia. The Top End is home to the Famous World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. The monsoon rains fall between November and April, but the dry months are warm and pleasant. The two seasons affect the Centre too, although the amount of rain is not reliable.

The Northern Territory's Indigenous people hold a deeply spiritual connection to the land that dates back tens of thousands of years. Share in their culture with a walk in the desert in search of bush tucker, a visit to the ancient rock art galleries, or simply by sitting in on a "Dreamtime" story-telling session.

The Northern Territory is still only sparsely populated and wherever you go it is the nature and not the people which dominates the scene and the land which through the years has powerfully symbolised Australia all over the world.

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