Tobie Puttock
Tobie Puttock

Tobie Puttock

Born:  Melbourne, VIC

History:  With a mother that impressed upon him the importance of wasting nothing from an animal when cooking and work experience that started age 18 at Melbourne-based Italian eatery, Caffe e Cucina, Tobie Puttock had a great foundation for success as a chef.  He completed his training at Box Hill Institute of TAFE in the early days of his career, then set forth to learn a few languages and invaluable skills within European kitchens.

Today Tobie has three cookbooks under his belt, and “Italian Local” was re-released in January 2012.   Regular appearances on the Lifestyle Channel and other reality TV shows, popular demonstrations at nationwide foodie events and cooking schools, as  well as representing providores - such as the Australian Mangoes -  keep Tobie Puttock and his culinary skills at the forefront of our minds.  

Like many successful chefs, Tobie took on the world at a young age; he situated himself in Swiss and Italian restaurants until landing a position at award winning River Café in London where he met his good friend, Jamie Oliver.  By 2002 Tobie was Executive Chef at Oliver’s Fifteen London and Fifteen Melbourne initiative followed in 2006, corresponding with a doc series on Network 10. In 2011, Puttock and his partners merged that establishment into a newly tiered independent project now known as The Kitchen Cat.

Style Notes:  When it comes to fresh produce Tobie’s primary concern is traceability and he opts for locally sourced, seasonal organic products. With all these factors combined, it’s the safest bet - second to knowing the producer – in ensuring that animals used were the happiest and healthiest they could be. To account for every usable part and support local farmers, Puttock has a reputation for ordering whole beasts for his restaurant kitchen.

As indicated by his three book titles through Penguin Australia, Tobie Puttock’s style is greatly influenced by his travels throughout Italy and years of laborious work experience in Italian restaurants.  

Achievements:  Tobie’s career is multifaceted and he’s become a household name in Australia.  He is Owner/Chef of Mediterranean-inspired The Kitchen Cat (TKC), located on the exclusive Collins Street within Melbourne CBD, where he actively promotes (amongst other delights) the timeless Italian art of house-cured meat.  Autumn 2012 saw the doors of TKC closing for renovations to a public awaiting news of its reopening and the revelation of Tobie Puttock’s next career move.

Puttock is a popular presenter at cooking schools throughout Australia and frequents industry such as the Organic Expo and Green Show, Good Food & Wine Show, and the Irresistible Gluten Free Food Show.  Tobie is also known as a television personality and was a judge on Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules in 2012.

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