Jamie Dyball

Jamie Dyball




I started as a kitchen hand at the age of 15 in Scotland. When I was 17, I went to London and started working with Chef Mathew Burns, an English Chef who worked in a 3-star Michelin restaurant. We worked in a French Bistro in London for 3 years before I went back to Edinburgh and worked with Chef David Williams, who had worked in France in a 3-star Michelin restaurant. I worked with David for 5 years.

After my experiences, I moved to Sydney and worked with Chef Matthew Kemp at Balzac before I moved to Glass Brasserie where I worked with Chef Joe Pavlovich and Luke Mangan.

My whole culinary experience has been in fine dining cuisine, in these kitchens my passion and love for food developed.

Kitchen by Jamie is my very first restaurant, a dream come true! My food is simple, but done right, using traditional cooking methods, like slow cooking, braising etc. We serve classics like roasts, stews, pies, fish and chips and gravy, just to mention a few!

Have you always wanted to be a Chef?

I never thought about it, it just happened when I started working in kitchens. I remember I was on my kitchen hand shift and one Chef called in sick that day, the Head Chef called my name and told me to take over his section, since that day my curiosity for food, ingredients and Chefs capture my interest. That’s how I began my career.

How would you define your style?

My style of food is French and British with a twist. Old school with a modern touch.

What is your feature flavour these days?

Gluten-free gravy, definitely! I use it in my sauces and on my steaks, pies and roasts.

Obsessive-compulsive about?

Being organised.

Your greatest culinary inspirations/influences:

Chef David Williams from Scotland, he turned me into the Chef I am today.

What do you love about this business?

I get to cook the food I want to cook. I can make my own choices. It’s scary but exciting!

What ingredient can’t you live without?


Most ‘eyebrow-raising’ menu item?

Yorkshire pudding: fluffy inside, crunchy on the outside.

Signature dish:

Sunday roast: Angus beef sirloin, duck fat potatoes, green beans, roasted carrots, Yorkshire pudding, watercress and gluten-free gravy. Served with a sticky date pudding, caramel ice cream, crumble and toffee sauce. 

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