Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson

 Born: Manchester, UK

History: I started my first catering job in a fish and chip shop, to save money in order to travel. I bought a one way ticket to Tel Aviv, Israel and found work on building sites and kitchens as a dishy. Finding that I really enjoyed the buzz of kitchens while travelling through Greece, Cypress and Turkey washing dishes as I went.

On my return to the UK I started a job as a grill chef with a large branded organisation and soon made head chef/kitchen manager. After working around England in all different scales of operation the travel bug got me again and I left for New York, which I loved. Not being allowed a green card I found myself in Spain where for two years I ran a small kitchen in a large holiday resort. 

After Spain I went back to good old Blighty where I worked with some very successful business men and developed a skill for costs yields and together we ran some really unique concepts. This is where I met my wife who is dual citizen with Australia. We took the plunge and move out to rural NSW and opened a restaurant together. However after two children we decided it was best for my wife to be at home and we moved to Brisbane where we still live.

Have you always wanted to be a chef? 

No, as a kid I thought I would be a doctor (of dishology). 

How would you define your style? 

Mainly European influenced. 

Your greatest culinary inspirations? 

Gordon Ramsey before he was on TV, my mate's mum, which is one of the worlds best cooks, and my Dad.

Most "eyebrow raising" menu item?

Rabbit with chocolate sauce. 

Signature Dish: I don't have one as such, different places different dishes but right now I would say Paella.