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Guy Grossi

How do you select a signature dish?

Sometimes the client defines what a signature dish is and over time its popularity grows and it becomes a dish that you are known for.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of my inspiration from my heritage as well as my experience in the kitchen and reflections on other work I have done, people I have met and places I have visited.  The ingredients, how and by whom they are produced inspire me most.

What can Australia expect from you in the future?

Next year is going to be a very busy year with the release of my fourth book Menus From My Mother’s Kitchen. I also look forward to continuously developing my products and restaurants as after many years in the industry I still have not lost my passion for the kitchen.

What’s the earliest memory at the table?

The smells of onion and garlic frying.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Believe in yourself.

What advice would you give a novice cook?

Believe in yourself.

Weapon of choice in the kitchen?

Cook’s knife.

What would you do with a jar of tomato sauce?

Invite friends around for dinner.

This is an edited extract from Signature Dishes by Michelle Tchea, published by New Holland, $29.95. 

Background on Guy Grossi

Guy Grossi is globally recognised as a leading Australian chef and food personality. Starting early on Guy worked for famed chefs and restaurateurs such as Herman Schneider of Two Faces and Leon Massoni of Cafe Florentino, and later on for Pietro Grossi at Tolarno French Bistro, Massoni.

For twenty years he has owned and managed numerous renowned Melbourne restaurants. He is devoted to his beloved Grossi Florentino and sister restaurant, the aesthetically inspiring Mirka at Tolarno Hotel. This most recent venture also upholds the Grossi heritage and the values that have secured the group’s international acclaim over the years.

He launched into his career early under the watchful eye of his father, Pietro, a renowned chef himself who was instrumental in defining the true pleasures of the Italian table in Melbourne. Guy, surrounded by gastronomy since birth, has dedicated himself to becoming a maestro della cucina Italiana. Perfecting his craft at some of Melbourne’s finest, Guy has established and operated several reputed establishments: Quadri, Pietro, Epoca, and the famous Caffé Grossi. He then went on to realise his ambition to secure one of Melbourne’s most famous and enduring restaurants, Grossi Florentino, the rebirth of a pedigree stretching back to the early 1900’s.

In 2004 Grossi Florentino celebrated its 75th birthday in grand style. It has also celebrated local and international recognition as one of Australia’s finest Italian restaurants. In 1996 Guy received an award from the President of Italy in recognition of his contribution to la cucina Italiana abroad. 

Guy’s insights spring from incredible love and passion; they are a personal quest for that delicate balance between revering traditional, time-honoured fundamentals and fuelling them with the fires of creativity and innovation. Always keen for new opportunities to explore and express his culinary art, Guy secured the Mirka at Tolarno Hotel project in St Kilda in 2006. This iconic landmark has come full circle since Guy cooked his first soffrito there under his father’s tutelage in his early kitchen days. 

Often involved in numerous projects simultaneously, Guy is the author of exquisitely presented, definitely delectable cookbooks.  He also enjoys sharing his ideas through culinary demonstrations, and frequently appearances in the cookery media.  He has entertained audiences together with Bert Newton and Jeff Jansz, and on Channel 7 and 9’s leisure and lifestyle programs. Guy is also a national judge of the Lexus Young Chef awards program. 

In addition to contributing to public speaking forums and making corporate appearances, Guy Grossi acts as consultant on various projects, developments and special events. 

Most importantly, since a young age, Guy has a great respect for the planet and its people. Waching his father pluck fresh produce from the garden, drove home the significance of bringing only lovingly sourced and nurtured produce to the table. Sustainable practices and the integrity of all raw products is about appreciation and respect; it lies at the foundation of what we do today, and it ensures the longevity of our future. 

Guy has successfully embedded ethical and responsible business practices throughout the Grossi Group. It ensures that the business manages the impact on society and the environment through its day to day operations, products and supply chain, as well as continuing to provide the best for all customers and staff members. 

He sources an array of goods and services from large number of Australian-made and international suppliers. In this complex network of suppliers he seeks out those who reflect the same values as the Grossi Group. This means respecting the environment and the people we work with. The fundamentals he seeks in all suppliers are human rights, environmental concern, and business ethics. 

In the midst of work and family life, Guy is a socially conscious entrepreneur who takes immense enjoyment in his philanthropic work with numerous charities and environmental partners. Over an extended period of time, he has donated a great amount of time, goods and monies in effort to support charitable causes and environmental societies: Food for Trees, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Camp Quality, Hanover, Open Family Australia, Starlight Children's Foundation, and Ovarian Cancer represent a few of the organizations supported by the Grossi Group.

Grossi Florentino Restaurant, Grill & Cellar Bar

Grossi Florentino Restaurant, Grill & Cellar Bar

With a colourful history spanning over a century, the Chef Hat awarded Grossi Florentino Restaurant, Grill & Cellar Bar has contributed to the cultural and culinary growth of Melbourne's dining scene. Owner and Executive Chef Guy Grossi works vigorously with a passionate team, driven to provide excellence and execution with style. Make your choice from Grossi Florentino’s grill menu, which may feature the likes of Cape Grim porterhouse, or perhaps take to the upstairs restaurant area for a la carte dining, with a menu that showcases refined Italian dishes such as Berkshire pork with black pudding, pumpkin, pine nuts, apricot and cider. Grossi Florentino’s desserts are an irresistible temptation, so be sure to spare room for sweets like the chocolate soufflé with liquorice root ice cream.

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