Pinjarra Attractions

A National Trust property, beautifully restored and giving a realistic view of the lifestyle of our pioneering families, Old Blythewood is a 1860s property overlooking the flats of the Murray River. T...
Beautiful bushland settings with spectacular waterfalls on the banks of the Serpentine River.
Fully restored and located in the Murray River delta, it is one of only two wind driven mills still standing.
Established in 1913, visitors to the farm will be fascinated with its Old English charm and beautiful chapel. The farm has been home to over 3000 orphans.
Has some of the oldest oak and pine trees in the district.
This 2 storey mud brick building was built in the 1880's and has served as a Post Office for over 100 years.
Within this, the only Heritage Rose Garden in the SW region, are 300 Heritage roses, the youngest from 1953 and the oldest from 3000 BC - the oldest known rose in cultivation today.
Restored to its original beauty and now houses the Pinjarra Tourist Centre.
Built in 1860 and made of locally made mud bricks, its architectural style is unique.
Built in 1861 and made of locally made mud bricks.