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Occupying one of the extinct volcano craters of Mount Gambier, Blue Lake is the making of something magical. The city's natural reservoir, has an area of 70 hectares and an average depth of 77metres. But it's the colour that really draws the crowds. The waters of this limestone-walled crater lake mysteriously change colour with the seasons -a sombre blue during the winter months, with an intense deep turquoise during the warmer seasons. Since Blue Lake supplies water to Mount Gambier, it is not for swimming, but tours are run around the lake at close proximity.

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Blue Lake Mount Gambier Address & Volcano Facts, South Australia

Whilst offering many awe-inspiring scenic spots of Mount Gambier and its volcanic crater, the Blue Lake also boasts a vibrant cobalt blue colour during the months of December through to March each year. From April through to November, the lake turns to a darker steel grey colour. There are a number of theories behind the mysterious colour change of the water, but it generally accepted that the change in colour has something to do with the water temperature of the Lake.
The Blue Lake offers a walking trail that is 3.6 kilometre long which will direct visitors to each of the viewing platforms dotted around the Lake. The trail also leads to the underpass between the Leg of Mutton Lake crater and the Blue Lake.

Several guided tours are available for visitors to the Blue Lake. Each tour will take you through the trail around the Blue Lake to show its various view points near the craters, tunnels and valley areas. The volcano discovery trail is one popular activity in the Blue Lake area.

There are a number of accommodation options for those who wish to stay nearby the lake, including the Blue Lake Holiday Park. The Blue Lake Holiday Park offers accommodation for all budgets including caravan sites, camping sites, private cabins and cottages. Check out the accommodation options listed below.

Significant sites within the vicinity of the Blue Lake are the Valley Lake crater, Leg of Mutton crater and other volcanic viewing platforms. Some tours last for around 45 minutes to one hour across so make sure you bring your walking shoes!

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John Watson Drive, Mount Gambier 5290 SA - See Map

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