Labrador Restaurants With Alfresco Dining

Labrador locals and visitors eat, drink and connect at Frigg Café on Frank Street. Named after the Nordic Goddess who was the mother of none other than the God of Thunder Thor, this café sets a welcom...
Labrador locals eat, drink and chill at Ground N Sound on Musgrave Avenue. This fun and funky café combines great food with coffee and music, in a laid-back vibe of colourful murals, quirky quotes and...
Cav's Steakhouse

Cav's Steakhouse

Steak   $$$$$   Opens at 12:00:PM


Established in 1984, Cav's Steakhouse has earned its reputation as one of the Gold Coast’s premier steakhouses. Located on Frank Street, the Hacienda-style steakhouse offers a relaxed dining experienc...
Tandoor and Curry Hut in Labrador brings to the coast the taste sensations of the subcontinent at economical prices.
A casual, relaxing atmosphere the signature dishes include Teppanyaki including all your everyday options as well as some more exotic options such as Crocodile Tail.