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Rubys Pizza and Pasta Restaurant


Shop 18-20, Number 11-15, Melton VIC

2 Reviews

Best Known For

Reef and Beef

Location & Map

Shop 18-20, Number 11-15, Melton 3337 VIC - See Map

Opening Hours

Monday - closed Tuesday - 4.30pm-10pm Wednesday - 4.30pm-10pm Thursday - 4.30pm-11pm Friday - 4.30pm-11.30pm Saturday - 4.30pm-11.30pm Sunday - 4.30pm-10pm

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Member Reviews (2)


i stayed with a friend in melton while i was on holidays in VIC and we ordered from your store. the pizzas were hard, the pasta was tasteless and the garlic bread was like a rock. when my friend called to complain, someone claiming to be the manager told her that the food was fine when it left the store and that what happens to the food on the way to her house was of no concern to the store. what a disgusting way to treat customers! my friend posted about it on her facebook page and out of the 7 people who responded, 5 said that they have tried your store and would never go back. what a disappointing experience


We had been to Rubys for a friends birthday and had a great time, so we decided to have our wedding reception at a locally owned and operated business over a chain, we only had approx 18 guest so we thought it would be perfect..... I will never make this mistake again, specially with this place. Our guests were getting bothered the second they walked over to the table, they didn't even have time to greet my Husband and I or take a seat before they were continually asked about drinks, people should at least have a chance to say hello and others and get a few minutes to look at the drinks menu. Once we ordered food, we were waiting over an hour and a half before the food started coming out and even then it was in dribs and draps. 2 of the 3 steaks were over cooked and tasted like charcoal, mine was cold and pure grease and one guest was served 10 minutes after everyone else and it was raw in the middle. My Husband went over to the manager to inform him of the poor food and was met with pure attitude so the Hubby told the "manager" he wasn't going to pay for the meals that weren't edible, to be told "this is Australia get used to it" Instead of making a big scene my Hubby decided it would be best to go out for a smoke and figure out what we were going to do, however when he went over to the door the "manager" was on the phone (not long after we found it was to the police) and refused to let him and other people in the "restaurant" out or in. One of our guest went over to find out what was happening, people were eventually let out / in (including one of our guest who was locked outside) I went over told the "manager" what I would pay, paid the tab and we left. Will not be going back to this place and would not recommend this place to anyone, there are much nicer places (not just to look at, but in regards to food, drinks and staff, some of the staff we dealt with were nice and one even said "I hope the rest of your night is better that its been here") to eat within the