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100% sourdough croissants, breads and pastries.

About Ket Baker

An artisan bakery with a big heart, Bellarine locals and visitors alike head to Ket Baker on Grubb Road in Wallington for 100% sourdough croissants, bread and delectable pastries. With a name meaning ‘young street urchin’ in Belgian slang, Ket Baker handcrafts each offering every day, using high quality, local, chemical-free flour and select short-chain, nutritious ingredients. Drop by the rustic shed bakery to find shelves stocked with freshly baked baguettes, rye, fruit and table loaves; or grab a buttery, flaky croissant to enjoy with your favourite cup of coffee. The small-batch pastries feature local fruit, vegetables and produce, alongside some of the world’s best Belgian chocolate – think temptations such as crème koek, with thick custard inside and a chocolate glaze on top.


Location & Map

377 Grubb Road, Wallington 3221 VIC - See Map

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday from 8 am till 6.30 pm (or sold out see instagram / facebook) Saturday from 8 am till 2 pm (or sold out see instagram / facebook) Sunday from 9 am till 2 pm (or sold out see instagram / facebook)

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So good I wanted to go back for more.