Truffle Creme Brulee - Chef Recipe by Christophe Gregoire

Truffle Creme Brulee - Chef Recipe by Christophe Gregoire


6 egg yolks
95g sugar
500mL cream
24g fresh black truffle
2g fresh black truffle Julienne strips per serve
2 slices fresh black truffle per serve
50g granulated sugar or cassonade


Cream egg yolks and sugar using a whisk.

Pour the cream slowly into the mixture, without allowing bubbles and foam to form. With a whisk gently fold the mixture.

Place 2 grams of Julienned truffle into each ramekin. Pour in the mixture.

Line the bottom of an oven roasting pan with a sheet of baking paper.

Arrange ramekins in the pan. Fill the pan with boiling water to half the height of the ramekins.

Cook crème brûlée in a fan-forced oven preheated to 130 C for 35 minutes.

Leave the ramekins to cool down before refrigerating for a minimum of 24 hours before serving.

Just before serving, evenly sprinkle the surface of each brûlée with granulated sugar. Caramelise the top by using a blow torch, until the sugar melts with shiny bubbles.

Carefully place two slices of black truffle on the hot caramelised sugar, the heat will release the truffle aroma.

Allow to cool before serving so the caramel shiny layer hardens, trapping the truffle treasure.

Recipe provided by Le Tres Bon

Photo Credits: Tracey Murray

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