Tandoori Spatchcock

Tandoori Spatchcock


1 whole spatchcock
1 Tbs fresh garlic and ginger paste
Salt to taste
1 tsp tandoori masala rub
Lemon juice
1 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder
Chaat masala
Pinch of saffron colour
2-3 Tbs Hung yoghurt
Vegetable oil
Juliennes of red onions and fresh coriander for garnish


Trim the fat and skin off the spatchcock. Wash, air dry and cut into quarters. Make slits in the pieces with a knife and cover with garlic and ginger paste. Drizzle with lemon juice and add salt to taste. Leave to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Mix together yoghurt, oil, saffron colour, chilli and tandoori masala and rub into the pieces. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Pre-heat oven to 210C and roast spatchcock on an oven tray for about 5-7 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 180C and cook for a further 10-12 minutes until golden brown.

Take the pieces out of the oven and dust with chaat masala and garnish with red onion and coriander.

Recipe provided by Urban Tadka