Surf n Turf

Surf n Turf


120g Petite Eye Fillet- the tail end of the eye is best (1 per serve) Seasoned oil.

2 half shell Mussels
3 Baby octopus
3 peeled prawns
4 squid rings

2 onions, roughly cut
4 carrots, roughly cut
2 celery sticks, leaves removed & chopped
1kg beef marrow bones
500g lamb bones
2 cups water
200ml Merlot

1 Baby beetroots
1 Baby turnips
1 Baby radish
1 Small white sweet potato
1 Small orange sweet potato
1 White baby Dutch carrot
2 Orange baby Dutch carrots
1 Corn Cobb skin on
1 small red onion

50g green kale

15g chopped parsley
10g small sage leaves
4g radish sprouts
Micro radish

Vegetable oil
Balsamic vinegar
50g palm sugar (or brown sugar)
50g softened block butter
10g Capers
Flaked sea salt
Fresh black pepper


Making a Jus:
Place your stock onto the heat and pour the remaining bottle of red wine in with the stock. It's now time to reduce your stock by boiling it and reducing it down to a glaze known as Jus. Typically if you start with 1L of stock you will finish with 100ml of
rich glaze.

During the reducing stage you will need to skim the stock also removing impurities from the sauce. As the stock is reducing you will notice the stock becoming thicker and richer in flavour. Use a table spoon to taste the stock and normally if it's coating the back of a spoon it's ready.

Once you're happy with the consistency you can turn the heat off and allow to cool or use straight away. Once the Jus has been refrigerated it will resemble a jelly texture but once heated will transform back into sauce.

You can store the jus in plastic containers or wrap it in cling film portions and freeze and pull it out as you need it.

Leave some stems on carrots, beetroot and turnip for presentation.

Cut & add one beetroot with a little butter and a couple of drops of balsamic vinegar. Wrap beetroot in its foil and place in oven at 220°C until cooked through.

Wash then very thinly slice turnip and Radish into rounds. Place in a bowl with iced water.

Peel carrots and place in a pot of heavily salted water. Once it comes to a simmer, remove carrots and store on a tray in the fridge to cool.

Roast Corn Cobb in its jacket on 220'c for 24 min or until cooked through BBQ style. Once cooked peel and cut kernels off.

Toss mini capsicums in seasoned oil and roast in oven 220'c 12 mins.

Slice onion into large rings and pan fry on one side only then place on a tray with chopped parsley.

Whole roast orange sweet potato in its skin in the oven on 220'c till cooked through.
Once cooked using a small spoon create 2 quenelles.

Thinly slice the white sweet potato place on paper towel to absorb excess starch, Shallow fry in hot oil till crisp, place on paper towel and season with sea salt.

Remove kale stem from leaves and cut leaves into small 5cm abstract pieces. Blanch for 2-3 seconds then toss into a very hot oiled pan. Toss then add seasoning. Remove from heat.

To cook the petite Eye Fillet place in a hot oiled pan until seared well or coloured, then turn once. Place on an oven tray and bake for 3min on 220'c. Remove and place on a resting tray lined with cloth and let rest in a warm location, just prior to serving, then serve.

Heat pan, add a little oil and then add all the seafood and toss, add seasoning to taste once half cooked add butter once browned off add sage and finish with capers, once all flavours have open and releasing fragrances, remove from heat.

To serve, brush the plate or board with the jus. Place the EYE Fillet at one end and place all root grown veg and orange quenelles around plate in an abstract manner, then add all the seafood gently placing in the same fashion as the root veg, gently place seared kale on plate, Artistically place purple sweet potato chips on the plate Garnish with radish sprouts where required.

Credits: David Alexander

Photo Credits: David Alexander