Pea Garden, Miso and Anchovy - Chef Recipe by Peter Gilmore

Pea Garden, Miso and Anchovy - Chef Recipe by Peter Gilmore


"This red speckled snow pea is very special... it was developed by a professor of plant breeding in America and the seeds were only given to a few growers around the world." - Peter Gilmore.

1 heaped tsp blanched and double podded broad beans
1 Barletta onion (blanched)
5 red spotted peas
1 ice plant
5 snow pea tips
3 chickweed tips
3 asparagus pea flowers
1 white pea flower
2 wild garlic flowers
2 spotted pea flowers

Miso Butter:

400 g butter
160 g green bean miso
2 medium lemons, zested
4 Tbs anchovy salt


Miso Butter:

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. With gloves use your hands to incorporate evenly.

Blanch peas, double shell broad beans and garnish on top of miso butter.

Credits: Peter Gilmore and Quay

Photo Credits: Nikki To for Quay

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