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Okonomiyaki - Kobe Jones

Okonomiyaki - Kobe Jones


50g tempura flour
80ml water
½ teaspoon hondashi
3g salt
1 egg
150g cabbage, cut into strips
1 stalk shallot, thinly sliced
1 tiger prawn, cut into small pieces
30g calamari cut into small pieces
20g scallops, cut into pieces
20g white pickled ginger
(red if white is unavailable)


Japanese mayonnaise
tonkatsu sauce
katsuobushi (bonito flakes)
aonori (seaweed flakes)


In a metal bowl whisk together flour, water, salt and hondashi until smooth.
Add egg, cabbage, shallot and red ginger (gari) and mix lightly.
Pour mixture on hot teppan table and make it into a pancake.
Using teppan spatulas flatten and make it round.
After about 3 minutes flip over pancake down and cook for 4 minutes. Flip pancake again and cook for 3 minutes or until firm and well browned.

To Serve:

Cut into portions with spatulas. Plate and drizzle the sauces and sprinkle with
katsuobushi and aonori. Serve.

Credits: Kobe Jones

Photo Credits: Kobe Jones

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