Nutella Brownies

Nutella Brownies


4 large eggs
1 cup Nutella
powdered sugar (optional)


Pre heat oven to 175 C.

Spray a 20 x 20 cm baking tray with cooking spray. Line the pan with baking paper making sure it over hangs the edges and lightly spray again.

Beat the eggs in your mixer on medium-high speed for 8 minutes. The eggs should be tripled in volume and pale yellow.

Warm the Nutella using a microwave for one minute. Give it a stir and let it cool until warm.

With the mixer at low speed, slowly pour the warm Nutella into the bowl, mixing just until combined.

Use a rubber spatula to scrape the bowl and incorporate any last bits of Nutella into the eggs.

Transfer this mixture to the pan and bake for 25 - 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.

Cool brownie completely before cutting it into squares.

Dust with powdered sugar.

Serve immediately or store in an air tight container for up to a week.

Credits: Sheri Silver

Photo Credits: Sheri Silver