Interplanetary Punch

Interplanetary Punch


Makes 3.47 L
13.5% alc/vol
28.1 standard drinks

750 ml (26 fl oz) light rum
360 ml (12 fl oz) peppermint schnapps
1 L (32 fl oz) fresh orange juice
1 L (32 fl oz) mango nectar
360 ml (12 fl oz) thick cream (chilled)
1 fresh mango (sliced)
6 orange quarters
Leaves from 8 sprigs of fresh mint


Pour schnapps, juice, nectar and cream into a punch bowl over a large block of ice. Stir well then float slices of mango, orange and mint leaves on top. Refrigerate for one hour then stir and serve.

Credits: Recipe and photo courtesy of ‘Jugs’ by Steve Quirk (published by New Holland), an essential tome for any party host, that features 200 of the best party drinks for jugs or punch bowls.

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