Hot and Sour Soup of Seafood with Turmeric (Dtom Yam Tarlae Kamin) - Chef Recipe by David Thompson

Hot and Sour Soup of Seafood with Turmeric (Dtom Yam Tarlae Kamin) - Chef Recipe by David Thompson


3-4 cups light chicken stock (750 g to 1 L)
Large pinch sea salt
3-4 peeled red shallots
60 g cherry tomatoes
4-5 slices galangal
1 coriander root
5 slices peeled red turmeric
2 kaffir lime leaves, torn
Pinch white sugar
Pinch turmeric powder
Pinch galangal powder
Large pinch chilli powder
4-5 scuds
4 mussels, cleaned
2 prawns, cleaned
3-4 pieces cleaned squid
3-4 pieces fish, Mirror Dory, Ling or Snapper

To finish:

1 Tbs tamarind water
4 Tbs lime juice
5 Tbs fish sauce
10 bruised scuds
Good pinch deep-fried garlic
3 large toasted dried chillies
Good pinch torn pak chii farang (long leaf coriander)
Good pinch roughly chopped coriander
Pinch chopped Vietnamese mint leaves


Heat the stock with the salt. Bruise all aromatics and toss them into the simmering base and boil for several minutes. Taste, then season lightly with fish sauce, sugar and chilli powder – remember the main seasoning will be in the bowl.

Add the mussels and simmer until just opened, add the prawns, fish and squid and simmer briefly until all is cooked.

In serving bowl, combine the tamarind water, lime juice, fish sauce and chillies. Add most of the chopped pak chii farang, coriander and Vietnamese mint leaves. Pour the dtom yam stock and fish into the bowl and stir.

Check the seasoning, it must be equally salty, sour and spicy. Adjust accordingly, break over dried chillies and sprinkle with remainder of herbs.

Credits: David Thompson, Long Chim Melbourne

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