Churrasco (Traditional Brazilian BBQ)

Churrasco (Traditional Brazilian BBQ)


1kg Picanha, with fat (Picanha refers to Brazilian top sirloin, a cut of meat from the primal loin.)
Rock salt
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup hot water


Cut Picanha into about six pieces. Rub with salt and refrigerate overnight.

Pre-heat barbeque. Use large metal skewers so meat can be rotated on the barbeque. Place about 5cm-6cm above the coals.

Dissolve the salt in the water and add the garlic. When the meat is browned on the outside baste.

When the outside of the meat is cooked it can be sliced from the skewers and kept warm. Place the remaining meat back on the BBQ and continue cooking in the same way.

Note: Almost any kind of meat can be used for this recipe. If you wish you can place the pieces on a rotisserie.

* Churrasco is a cooking style, which translates roughly from Portuguese as 'barbeque'.