Chocolate Mousse Pie

Chocolate Mousse Pie



12 low fat choc chip cookies (Paradise Lite®)
1 tablespoon (15g) Flora Light® margarine melted
¾ teaspoon skim milk
cooking spray


24 squares (100g) dark cooking chocolate
1 x 375ml can CHILLED evaporated light milk
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
2 tablespoons gelatine
¼ cup boiling water
2 x Jarrah Choc O Lait® sachets


Before starting, make sure your evaporated milk is CHILLED. Place chilled canned milk into freezer for 1 hour before making filling.


In a food processor crumble biscuits. Add melted margarine and milk, process until combined. Coat a pie plate with cooking spray then spread biscuit mixture over base, pressing firmly. Refrigerate.


In a small ceramic bowl melt chocolate in microwave on high temperature for one minute. Leave to sit in microwave while you prepare other ingredients. Make sure evaporated milk is very cold.

In a large mixing bowl beat chilled milk and vanilla essence until really thick, using an electric beater. Add melted chocolate and blend well. Dissolve gelatine completely in boiling water then add Jarrah sachets, mix well. Pour mixture into milk, beat continuously until well combined.

Pour mixture over biscuit base, refrigerate until set.

To make the mousse only, omit base and reduce gelatine down to 1.5 tb.

PER SERVE Pie, Mousse

FAT TOTAL 4.5g, 4.4g
FAT SATURATED 2.2g, 2.7g
FIBRE 0.3g, 0.2g
PROTEIN 5.6g, 7.2g
CARBS 18.6g, 15.0g
SUGAR 12.4g, 12.9g
SODIUM 90mg, 65mg
CALORIES 136, 127

Credits: Annette Sym 'Symply Too Good To Be True, Book 4'

Photo Credits: Annette Sym

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