Aged Cape Grim Sirloin a la Diane
Aged Cape Grim Sirloin a la Diane

Aged Cape Grim Sirloin a la Diane



4 x 300g aged Cape Grim sirloin, or any high-quality beef eye fillet
120g tarragon mustard
70g finely chopped parsley
40g finely sliced chives
40g sea salt flakes and freshly ground pepper
120g grape seed oil
5 smashed garlic cloves
100g butter to finish
Rosemary and thyme stalks

Mushroom pate for stuffed mushrooms:

750g honey brown mushrooms, diced
75g onion, diced
20g garlic
50g olive oil
250mL cream
1/2 bunch Italian parsley
Salt and pepper to season

Mushroom cups for stuffing:

4 medium Swiss brown mushrooms
10g salt
100g Madeira reduction

Onion and dark ale puree:

500g white onion
50g grape seed oil
150g dark ale
25g sea salt
50g sherry vinegar
10g thyme
1g black pepper
Xanthan gum

Herb salsa verde:

1 1/2 bunch parsley
1/2 bunch chives
1/4 bunch tarragon
15g garlic
15g shallots
10g preserved lemon skin
60g extra virgin olive oil
5g salt and pepper to season

Truffled Hollandaise:

2 fresh egg yolks
25g brandy
10g freshly grated truffle
225g clarified butter
6g salt
25g tarragon vinegar

Housemade onion rings:

1 large onion, cut into rings
1.5g salt
3g plain flour
170g dark ale batter, or beer batter

Truffled Dauphin potatoes:

50g butter
125g milk
100g flour
2 whole eggs
3 egg yolks
1kg oven baked potatoes
20g fresh truffle
12g salt
2g nutmeg
5g truffle oil



Warm steaks to room temperature, season with salt and pepper.

Heat a heavy based frying pan, add oil and place steaks into pan. Seal and caramelise steaks on both sides. Cook in an oven at 120 C until your liking.

Rest steak after cooking, for approximately the same time as cooking time.

Mushroom pate and stuffed mushrooms:

Saute mushrooms in olive oil until lightly browned. Add onion, garlic, salt and pepper and saute until onions have softened and are translucent.

Add cream and reduce volume by about half. Blend until smooth, add parsley and blend again.

Remove stems from Swiss brown mushrooms, spoon over Madeira reduction and add salt evenly.

Bake at 180 C until mushrooms are cooked and slightly brown. Allow to cool, then fill evenly with mushroom pate, place in fridge until needed.

Re-heat at 180 C when needed for about 5 minutes.

Onion and Dark Ale puree:

Caramelise onion in grape seed oil over medium heat in a saucepan. Add dark ale, cook down until almost dry in the pan. Add vinegar, herbs and seasoning and blend until smooth, thicken with xanthan gum.

Reserve until needed.

Herb salsa verde:

Blend all ingredients until smooth in a food processor. Reserve until needed.

Truffled Hollandaise:

Warm butter to 60 C on a double boiler.

Place yolks and remaining ingredients into a second bowl. Once butter is at temperature, remove and place second bowl on the double boiler.

Whisk until fluffy and holds a ribbon. Slowly add clarified butter, whisking all the time until incorporated. Reserve warm until needed.

Housemade onion rings:

Season onion rings with salt and allow to cure for 5 minutes.

Dredge in flour, coat in batter and fry at 160 C until crisp. Reserve for plating.

Truffled Dauphin potatoes:

Melt butter in the milk, stir in flour to form a soft dough. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Beat eggs and gradually add to cooled mix until thick, smooth and glossy to make choux pastry.

Cook potatoes, mash and pass through a sieve, then season.

Once complete, weigh 500g of finished seasoned mash, add choux pastry mix. Shape evenly with tablespoon, directly into deep fryer.

Fry at 160 C until golden and puffed, reserve until plating.

To finish and plate:

Heat a heavy based frying pan, add butter, smashed garlic and herb stalks. Add steak and baste with flavoured butter for a minute on each side.

Spread mustard on presentation side and sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Plate steak with accompaniments and serve.

Recipe provided by The Point Revolving Restaurant

Photo Credits: This recipe is an extract from Eat Drink Love Tasmania 2 by Philip Kuruvita, published in 2019 by Philip Kuruvita Photography. RRP $49.95, available online at

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